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The Democratic Party speaks to us “rationally.” The party says it seeks to protect civil liberties, regulate Wall Street, is concerned about the plight of the working class and wants to institute reforms to address climate change. But in all these areas, and many more, it has, like its Republican counterpart, repeatedly sold out the citizenry for corporate power and corporate profits—in much the same manner that Big Green environmental groups such as the Climate Group and the Environmental Defense Fund have sold out the environmental movement.

Physical and operational structures already exist that could help USPS offer basic financial services: prepaid debit cards, mobile transactions, new check cashing services, savings accounts, and even simple, small-dollar loans.

…we tortured some folks.

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I mean, I barely recognize ya’ll as human, so it’s hard for me to even pretend to care about these pieces of furniture. 

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I’ve made a movie soundtrack playlist. It’s composed of soundtracks I’ve liked or ones recommended to me. Movies include the following:

Garden State (soundtrack)

Romeo + Juliette

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Empire Records

Lost Highway

Pump Up the Volume

Great Expectations

Judgement Night


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8 Things the Church Needs to Say

Honestly the author has a lot of good points, but the title is wrong. The article is a list of things the church should be saying. There is only one thing it needs to say. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being an active and enthusiastic vessel for racism, discrimination, violence, child abuse, bigotry, entitlement, cruelty and vice. I’m sorry for working tirelessly for the last thousand years to make the world an overall worse place to exist.” If it wants, it can throw in an “I’m a failure” for good measure. 

Bookstores almost always fail not because of e-books, but because of rent increases. This is true of a lot of interesting, marginal businesses, especially in cities with housing bubbles (and Victoria is not cheap.) Prices go out of line with income, rents follow, and interesting stores which need low rent die. So you wind up with a whole bunch of chain stores or boutiques operations selling overpriced goods and services who can make the rent.

Beautiful Illusions: The Economics of uberX

With each transformation, the industry has shifted profits away from the drivers while pushing onto them a greater share of costs and liabilities.”

Uber PR is a little rosier than reality. 

There do not seem to be any good options for the United States to pursue now. Since the ISIS takeover is in many respects part of a larger popular rebellion, it cannot be reversed simply through air strikes and drone attacks. Conditioning aid on the Maliki regime becoming more democratic, inclusive, and transparent would seem like a sensible first step, but instigating such reforms would be difficult in the midst of such a major crisis. Ultimately, as difficult as it may seem for many Americans to accept, the Iraqis may just need to work things out themselves. Almost everything else the United States has done to that country in recent decades has only made things worse.

It turns out that the Republican Party has a double life: the main party dominated by corporatists and the adjunct party relying on conservatives and libertarians to produce the margin of votes for victory in elections. The corporatist Republicans let the libertarians and conservatives have the paper platforms and the core ideological issues, pat them on the back at party convention time, and then move into office, where they are quick to throw out a welcome mat for Big Business lobbyists with their slush funds, who are anything but libertarian or conservative in their demands.

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This would be the reverse of the Wild West days, where gunmen were obliged to turn in their weapons to the sheriff before entering town. In gun-loving America, the tables are now turned. You need to be issued a weapon before going about in public, and the more firepower, the safer you will be. This is, after all, what happens in arms races, and America can’t seem to live without an arms race. When the Soviet Union collapsed, and the U.S. was left standing as a massively over-endowed military machine, a new enemy had to be found worthy of a hyperpower, and the only enemy big enough to stand up to America was America itself. The country turned inward, and arms and ammunition manufacturers refocused their marketing domestically. And so here we are, in a hell-hole of our own making, Americans feeding upon Americans. No one can say when this will ever end. As anyone who has visited the U.S. can tell you, Americans have a mighty big appetite.